Strongwire Industries

High quality robotic welding wires "MADE IN INDIA"

Made in India

Top-notch welding wires, now born and tested in India for the fast growing & Dynamic welding industry.

Expert Engineers

Team of engineers, chemists, & metallurgists collaborate to innovate welding wire technologies, develop new materials, and enhance manufacturing processes.

Modern Equipment

High speed wire drawing and winding lines among many of our cutting-edge wire machines guarantee top-notch product quality!

Project Support

Dedicated team available round the clock to provide Project Support, technical advice, and help optimize the performance of your welding jobs.
About US

We work with the Steel Industry since 1984. Providing top-notch products and solutions.

Welcome to Strongwire Industries, a leading welding wire manufacturer with a rich history of excellence.

At the heart of the global landscape, we stand as a dependable engineering & fabrication solutions partner.
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