Manufacturing Facilities

Strongwire Industries has set up India's largest (capacity wise) and first of its kind multi-wire Copper Coating process to manufacture MIG/TIG and SAW wires complete with state of the art infrastructure and quality testing facilities. The company has also earned credentials from certification bodies like BHEL, JAS-ANZ/ISO and DET NORSKE VERITAS AS for its products.

With many different brands of copper coated welding wires in the market these days with all looking the same, it has become difficult for consumers to make the right selection for a quality weld wire. However, apart from being one of the biggest manufacturer of copper coated wires, things that distinguish our products from competition are:

Raw Materials used

Strongwire Industries have been sourcing and intend to source all our raw material form one of the best steel mills in the world for welding wires, i.e. TATA Steel. Moreover, our raw materials come with a mill certificate that ensures the right quality being used right from the start of the wire manufacturing process.

Copper Coating

We provide an Electrolytic Copper Coated AWS grade of mild steel welding wire that is found to perform overall much better in many applications over other typical mild steel wires. Moreover, our highly engineered and uniform copper coating process ensures a consistent thin coating of copper designed to provide optimal control at high welding speeds and high amperage ranges found in many robotic welding applications.

Also to ensure consistency in the thickness of copper coat the company uses a multi wire copper coating line for 20 wires at a time as against single wire copper coating lines presently operational with other manufacturers in India. This process guarantees uniformity in the copper coating of the weld wires.

Welding Wire Cast & Helix

Wire cast & helix are basically terms that determine how the wire unwinds and unspools. Wire cast & helix determine the weld accuracy, arc wander, consumable life and contact current pickup.

Strongwire Industries uses straight line wire drawing machine with de-scaling and pre-processing (Cleaning) of wire rods as compared to OTO pillar & pulley type wire drawing machines without pre-processing that are presently being used by manufacturers in India for these product. With this process there is no variation in UTS of the wire which results in a better and consistent cast & helix for the wire resulting in smoother pay-off while welding.

Moreover, our wires are precision layer wound in spools and also come in pail packed drums. These packing machines use high tech killing processes that remove even the slightest inconsistency in cast & helix caused during the drawing stage.
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